Giving a Meaningful Sympathy Gift

Giving a sympathy gift can sometimes be difficult. Below are some thoughtful gifts that the family will appreciate.

1. A Memory Book. This can be given for the family to complete in the months and years ahead after the loss, and may provide some healing and reflection. Alternatively, you can create ของชำร่วยงานศพ a memory book yourself with any memorabilia that the family may appreciate, including pictures, poems or letters about the deceased. This is an especially meaningful project for a child to complete if she or he is touched by loss.

2. A Green Plant. Traditionally flowers are given for the funeral. Instead, consider a green plant, like a peace lily, which is easier to transport than flowers. Most importantly, it is something tangible for the grieving person to have after the funereal. Tending to a plant can be therapeutic.

3. Garden Statuary. Many people have memorial gardens to honor their loved one who passed away. Along with the flowers and other greenery, a beautiful keepsake makes a special touch to the garden. Consider a garden stone, angel figurine or a bench with a touching saying.

4. Memory Box. This can be used for tucking away items pertaining to the loved one’s funeral such as the funeral program, guest registry, memorial card, and obituary and sympathy cards. Alternatively, it can be used to store treasured items, such as pictures, jewelry or other mementos of the loved one.

5. Photo Book. Candid photos are often displayed about the loved one’s life at the funeral. Because such loving care was used to gather the pictures, a special book for all the cherished photos will be valued by the family.

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