Wall Mounted Fountain – A Curtain of Cascading Water

Wall mounted fountains are extremely dynamic and ever changing and bring a different perspective and dimension to your room every time you walk into it. They add character while offering a calming serenity and added relaxation. The fountain brings a touch of elegance to any space and gives your room a sophisticated ambience.

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They bring about an instant water feature for your interior or exterior. They make a great addition to any home or garden. Mount it on a wall, post or fence fill it with water and plug the fountain in its just that easy.

They add focus to an other wise drab wall and are perfect for dressing up an area with limited floor space. You can locate wall mounted fountains in contemporary all the way to a more traditional look. There is one to choose for everyone’s d├ęcor style.

You can choose from many different materials. Fiberglass is a good choice because it is strong but light weight. Some fountains have finishes of simulated aged stone, rock or other materials. They are also made from clay, wood, copper, resin, marble and slate LED Wall 21.

The style and look of the fountains vary considerably and there are a whole range of additional features that can be added to enhance the design tailored to your needs. You should look at the wall that you are planning to mount your fountain on. Take a step back and visualize how you will mount it. You should view this area in normal daylight, evening light, and with any lighting you plan on using. You can also purchase led wall mounted tube lights that project lighting that continuously mixes colors for a vibrant effect. There are other fountains designed to incorporate indirect lighting casting a subtle shimmer as a curtain of cascading water providing yet another layer of drama or tranquility to any setting.

As an indoor accessory they are becoming very popular. They are not only for larger homes, but are being added to studio apartments for a decorative feature. Costs for wall mounted fountains are surprising low for the luxury that they provide. By fitting neatly onto your wall they create the ultimate design statement.

Another benefit is they act as a natural air purifier. The water tumbles back into the indoor fountain reservoir releasing negative ions into the room. The air inside your home is often more polluted then the outside air. This fountain can make your environment a healthier place to live. The ions bond to dust particles and allergens purifying the air that you breathe. They also add humidity to the room which is good for certain areas of this country.

The sound depends on the level of water in the fountain and the rate at which the water falls and the depth of the basin. No two fountains sound alike. You can change the sounds by adding different materials in the basin, or changing the rate of water flow. The calming white noise has shown to improve concentration. Wall fountains also cancel out noise such as busy traffic or a loud neighbor. The sounds they make can lull you into total peace of mind.

The pumps for wall fountains work best with distilled water. Pumps can be adversely effected by mineral deposits found in tap water over time. Turning the pump on and off frequently can also damage the pump. You need not use harsh chemicals for care and cleaning. There are many safe cleaners made for your fountains which is especially reassuring if accidentally your dog or cat take a drink.

Now that you know some facts about wall mounted fountains you can make a better informed decision regarding the purchase, installation, maintenance and accessories.

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