Some Surprising Fat Burning Foods

Those who are on a mission to lose weight and trim off a few inches of fat will need to use a combination of regular exercise and a healthy diet. But what many may not be aware of is that there are some foods which are actually fat burning foods that can help the entire process more along more easily. And you may just be surprised to find that some of these foods will rank among your favorites.

Pasta: This is a surprising one for many who have been told over and over to avoid carbohydrates in all forms. But what you have not been told is that pasta and rice contain up to seventy percent water and can help keep you fuller for a longer period of time, reducing  Acidaburn cravings and that need to snack.

Peanut Butter: Who does not love peanut butter? Some studies have shown that women who ate a serving of nuts or peanut butter each week actually gained less weight than others who did not. Plus, it is really rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, which can prevent the accumulation of those inches around the waist.

Cheese: Calcium can help you lose weight, as shown in studies. And since cheese is rich in calcium, a little low fat cheese every day can actually be good for you. These are recommended for any fat burning diet and will help reduce cravings as well. And cheese can liven up so many other things, such as salads or sandwiches.

Chocolate: It will not be surprising that this is often the number one food that is craved by those on a diet. But it is shown that if you suppress this need for chocolate, you will eat two or three times more calories in other snack foods which may even be less healthy. So eat a little dark chocolate every now and then.

Algae: Algae can reduce the absorption of fats that come from foods by up to 70%. Scientist found a chemical contained in algae that prevents the absorption of fat by the body. But who wants to eat algae?

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