A Universal Emergency Key Release for Your Garage Door Lets You In, Keeps Others Out

A universal emergency key release is a garage door accessory that can help you out in a variety of situations. Here’s what the accessory can do for you.

You are probably aware of the release lever located inside of your garage. It usually has a cord or rope hanging down from it. When the lever is pulled, it allows you to open the door manually.

The latch attached to the lever serves another purpose. It prevents other people from gaining access to your home through this entrance. In this case, the other people are would-be thieves.

Thieves do have ways to get to the cord or the lever, but it is time consuming and not something they would usually do in broad daylight. However, it can be a security concern for someone that lives in a rural area or on a dark street.

As long as the latch is engaged, you cannot open your door manually. That means that if the electricity goes out or your electric garage door opener malfunctions, you are stuck outside schlüsseldienst in Hannover.

A universal emergency key release kit includes a cable and a locking mechanism. The cable is attached to the lever inside of the garage. The locking mechanism fits through a hole in door. You can put the hole anywhere, but a centered location is best. Most people put it near the location of the outside handle.

Installation only takes a few minutes, once the hole is drilled in the door. If you do not have the tools necessary to do the job, you can get a handyman or a home improvement expert to do it for you. The fees for installing a universal emergency key release are reasonable.

Once the unit is installed, you will have a new lock on your door. When you insert your key and turn the lock, you have access to the cable, which is attached to the interior latch release. All that is needed is a quick tug on the cable to release the latch and allow you to slide the door open manually.

The lock will also deter criminals who might take the time to access the lever from outside. The new cable would make it nearly impossible for them to use this spot as a point of entry to break in.

A universal emergency key release can also be used in the event that the batteries on your remote control die suddenly. Unless you have a walk-up keypad outside of the door, a dead remote is as bad as a power outage. You would have to run out to the store to buy new batteries before you could get your car in the garage.

There are other accessories besides the universal emergency key release that can help enhance the security and beauty of your existing garage door. Additional locks, latches and decorative handles are some of the items to consider. Although we use this point of entry on a daily basis, it is often neglected.

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