The Silk Road Economic Belt Brings the World to the Edge of China

Silk Road economic belt

The Silk Road Economic Belt is a proposed network of countries stretching from China through the Middle East to the Mediterranean and ending at the Indian Ocean. The idea behind this proposed route of economic integration is to increase trade between the countries along the belt and reduce the barriers of trade that might otherwise prevent trade. This proposed network would in turn create the world’s largest free trade area, something that has eluded the globalists for years. Proponents of this proposal see it as an opportunity to implement the rules of globalization without the hassle and harmful consequences of implementation. The problem is that many nations along the proposed Silk Road are either corrupt or simply do not have the leadership necessary to make such an attempt a success Silk Road economic belt.

Iran is one of the many nations that are fighting alongside Syria against the Western World. Although Iran and Syria are bitter enemies, the oil trade between the two nations would be a huge boon for the Middle East and the United States. If Iran were to become too close to the United States, it could bring the US military into closer contact with that nation and actually challenge the United States in a military sense. Iran’s support for proxy terrorists and hostile regimes will put its military in a precarious position if such an approach was undertaken by Iran.

In addition to the Middle East there are other nations that could benefit from the road. In Central Asia there are massive trade deficits and massive population centers. India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are all in the middle of the global stage right now. Any reduction in trade and economic leverage such as that proposed by the Silk Road Economic Belt could spell disaster for these economically and politically stable nations. So it is imperative that any nations that are included in this economic proposal get adequate consultations to ensure that they do not lose out on the benefits of inclusion in this giant international trading network.

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