Cartier Tank Divan Watches For Classy People

The Cartier Tank Divan watches are for ladies and gentleman of high fashion. They have a series of models to suit the tastes of men and women who value class, comfort and looks. These beautiful yet functional models are water-resistant and priced from $4000 to $12000. The Tank Divan series exudes style and elegance with their wide, rectangular shape and alligator leather straps and a choice of quartz or automatic movement ดูซีรีย์.

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Cartier watches came into being in 1847. They started as jewelry makers supplying to the Royal family and gradually expanded to include watches. Cartier made the bold move to shift watches from pockets to wrists. The watches from the house of Cartier are not just functional timepieces. They are in fact beautiful pieces of jewelry that adorn and enhance your wrists. The Cartier Tank Divan watches were inspired by the Tank commanders of the Allied forces who defended France during World War I.

Cartier’s Divan watches are in fact an improvised and much more stylish version of the classic Tank watch series. The rectangular dial offers a superb view of the dial with its roman numerals. Suitable for both casual outings with friends or more formal occasions the Cartier Tank Divan watches are meant for men and women who have made it in life. It makes a great gift for a dear friend or partner in life. More than just another quality designer timepiece from Cartier, this luxury watch is a keepsake that owners will treasure and even retain as family heirlooms.

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