Who Is Caribou?

“Who is Caribou?” is one of the most popular questions of North American Indian history. Born in the late 1700s near what is now Thunder Bay, in what was then the fur trade port of Thunder Bay, this First teenager would become one of the most important leaders among his people. Daniel Victor Snaith, better known as Caribou vocalist, is an indigenous Canadian singer, musician, and actor who has made records with several of his band members in various popular music genres.

Snaith first gained attention along with several other indigenous artists during the semi-official end of the Canadian Indian Removal Act. His musical skills earned him the attention of the then-prime minister, Sir John A. MacDonald. The MP from Thunder Bay introduced Snaith to MacDonald, encouraging the teen to pursue a singing career. He released his first album as Caribou shortly after his arrival in Canada, featuring songs such as “Mystery Train” and “I’m Still Pretty”. Though these early recordings earned him little notice, word of his talents soon spread among the Indian community in Canada and he was invited to participate in an annual fundraiser in honour of MacDonald who is caribou?

Aiding in the fundraiser, which raised over a million dollars, Snaith’s singing ability brought him international recognition. In that year alone, he signed a contract with Astral Records, agreeing to produce and record an album called My Father’s Land. The album became well-received in both the United States and Canada, as well as in many other countries. Astral Records was purchased by Canadian firm Astral Media, now Astral Universal. The band signed a second deal with Astral Universal, and the name of the company was changed to Astral/Astral Records.

Part of Snaith’s fame stemmed from his role in the movie and television show The Last Railway Express. He voices the character Jasmine, who sings songs on the train to express her grief over her father’s death. His presence in the series prompted Universal Pictures to commission a ten-minute animated film based around the same character. The movie was highly successful and led to more episodes, featuring Snaith as the singer/songwriter replacing Jasmine in these later episodes.

An artist’s life is usually full of surprises and difficulties, but Snaith overcame those odds and showed great promise as a singer, songwriter and actor. As his career progressed, he garnered more voice talent accolades, including an Order of Canada for his work as a voice talent and presenter on Canadian television show many productions. He also won a Gemini award for his role as Jannick in the movie Finding Nemo. Snaith has also appeared in numerous movies and TV series, including the award-winning The Princess and the Frog, and the animated Disney film Finding Flemish Dogs. Finally, he guest stars in an episode of the American sitcom How I Live Now.

Who is Caribou? is a funny series about a young voice talent who stumbles upon a singing talent that is capturing audiences everywhere. Sporting a deep, lispy voice that commands respect, Snaith makes a unique and interesting role that shows off his incredible range as a performer. His diverse career has allowed him to develop into some of today’s most sought-after voices.

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