About Copper Roofing

For most home owners, a roof system is simply a necessity they cannot live without. When that asphalt or shingled roof starts to develop troubles like leaks or missing shingles – it’s time to call in the roofers to do some much-needed repair work, and then leave it alone hopefully for another ten years or so.

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For some home or business owners, however, their roofs speak volumes about their businesses, personal interests, financial standings in the community, style & décor. For those property owners, more original and varied roofing systems are often used, or kept up as beautiful status symbols of historic properties built long ago. Slate roofs, metal roofs, and most of all, beautiful copper roofs fall into this category of roofing systems.

Copper roofs are striking to behold, especially when they are kept up and polished nicely. The sunshine on these roofs can be breathtaking. Consider the stylish ambiance generated by the restaurant chain The Cheesecake Factory, and the stunning impression its facades and roofing makes upon those entering the eatery mái tôn đẹp. The gleaming copper-bronze color and the shining copper metallic finish of the roofing captures the attention of those passing by and says “elegance” as well as “unusual and stylish” – just the sort of impression the owners of the fabled chain are hoping to make upon hungry and trendy diners.

Copper roofing, or copper cladding as it is also called, is about 3 times as expensive as regular roofing. That said, good copper roofs can last for 100 years, so the initial expense is actual more than recouped over the lifetime of the roof, as shingled roofs tend to need replacement in all or part every 5 to 10 years! While the initial expense is much greater for a copper roof, its longevity (and beauty) will always pay off handsomely in the long run, especially when compared to normal asphalt-shingled roofing systems.

Copper roofing also generates a one-of-a-kind appearance that is hard to ignore and even harder to imitate. These roofs have the wonderful, distinctive advantage of the patina effect – over the very long lifetime of a copper roofing system, the golden brownish-bronze hue of the copper slowly turns the blue-green color often seen on old statues. This is because those statues are also created from copper and the oxidation effect of water slowly changes the hue to its gorgeous near-turquoise color. Such effects will never occur with other roofing systems and are cherished by the owners of homes featuring copper roofs.

The parts of a roofing system that can be made of copper are nearly endless. There is of course the copper shingles themselves, which occupy the majority of eyesight and space on a roof. But copper roofing does not stop here. Copper an also be used for the standing seams and ridge caps, as well as for the chimney, cupolas, finials and other decorative accoutrement, even the flashing, down-spouting, rain gutters vents and soffits! Indeed, an entire roofing system composed of copper is a thing of beauty to behold and a work of functional craftsmanship and art to last a literal lifetime.

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