Style For New Shapes – Trends for Expecting Mothers

Even though pregnancy is something that affects comfort, figure, movement and style of a woman most fashion designers generally ignore this period in a womans’ life. All women know it — everything expands, comfort tops your priority list, and as time passes it is hard to feel trendy and stylish with an enormous bump on your middle. Style wise, most women feel like they have to downgrade. Looking through maternity clothing selection, the attention to detail and style drops like a rock. Thankfully, there are ways to feel stylish with little imagination.

Our first tip is simply changing your old favorite wardrobe to adapt to your new “you,” even if it might be considered “tabu.” Trendy body hugging pieces, for example, and changing them to suit your needs can keep your fashion consciousness alive. Leggings — not the first piece of maternity pair you would think of. But with a stretchy or knit top and boots for a comfortable night at home in the winter. Try a sexy flowing tunic with a belt and lower heels for appointments during the day. These simple leggings can be a life saver. They are comfortable as they stretch nicely and make you forget you are wearing them as soon as you put them on!

Second on the list – try on a pair of skinny jeans. They’re not just for the skinny and pre-pregnant ladies. Don’t get fooled by the name, tapered legs, that simply refers to the skinny cut denim pair. The shape of your legs has not changed quite so much with the beauty of the growing bump over the waistline. Make sure to account for sufficient stretch at the waist for comfort, but when done well, these jeans can be paired with literally anything for a rebellious pregnancy.

Mini dresses are also perfect for summer pregnancy. Designers have really been capitalizing on female figure flattering mini dresses. They are perfect for a growing body. Same as with skinny jeans, this look makes your shapely legs look even better and compliments the beautiful wonder growing on your tummy. The fashion designers have been adding an increasing amount of female accents like floral prints, ruffles and flowing fabrics. Maxi and mini dresses are available to pregnant women in more styles. For current trends, stick to the mini-dress with tights or cute socks, and before you know it you’ll come to love your maternity fashion even more!

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