Clean Up Your Windows Registry And Speed Up Your Computer

The Windows registry is the computers storehouse of important information. A Windows operating system stores all the information regarding software, hardware, applications, settings and preferences in the Windows registry. Whenever you make any changes to your system or configuration, the registry is updated with these changes. However, over a period of time the Windows registry starts building up as entries keep getting added to it. The registry gets bloated with information that is mostly invalid, corrupt, erroneous or redundant. A bloated and corrupt registry full of errors adversely impacts the working of your operating system.

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The most common symptom of a bloated registry is the slowing down of your computer. Operations that used to take fractions of seconds when your computer was new will now start taking minutes to perform. Booting up, opening and closing programs, everything starts taking a lot of time as your operating system searches for relevant information in a registry full of errors and trash. That is why it is advised that you keep cleaning up your Windows registry periodically or after installing and uninstalling programs windows 11 download and Install.

There are three ways by which you can clean up your registry. The first and the most conventional method of cleaning up the Windows registry is that of formatting up the hard disk of your computer and reloading the operating system. This is quite a time consuming and cumbersome job, not to say costly to boot if you end up buying software or hiring a third party to do it.

The second method of cleaning up your Windows registry is by using the regedit.exe command. You can manually delete all the errors from your registry by going through the registry entries in the registry window. This is also quite time consuming as well as risky. You might end up removing some crucial or important files, thus making your whole system unstable. Even Microsoft advises against tampering manually with the registry. So this is a job left better to registry experts.

The third and the best method of cleaning up your windows registry is by running a registry cleaning software through it. All you need to do to clean your registry is log online and download a good registry cleaner from the internet. Reg Cure, Reg Sweep, Error Nuker, Registry Easy, Registry Repair Pro and Reg Clean are some of the best registry cleaning programs that come highly recommended by experts. Once you have downloaded one, just install and run it. The program will automatically scan and repair all the errors in your registry, restoring it back to a mint perfect condition. This is the quickest and easiest method of getting your whole computer back to an almost new condition and increasing its speed. You can also run a registry defragmenter, which comes with most registry cleaning software, in order to further speed up your computer.

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