Who Is Your Electrician?

Electricians deliver our electricity to us by installing wires that transmit electricity throughout our homes, offices, retails stores and factories. They repair and replace electrical components for appliances, machines and electronics.

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Electricians begin by studying blueprints which are special electrical diagrams that indicate where panel boards, circuits, load centers, outlets, and the electrical equipment belongs. When working in new construction, electricians draw the initial electrical blueprints. After seeing where all the components and wires will go, electricians install and connect wires to the circuit breakers, outlets, transformers and other systems and components.

Electricians place tubes and pipes in the walls. They then pull electrical wires through the tubes or pipes to connect to the electrical service boxes to create a path for the electricity to flow Wire Pull Tester. A path of electricity is named a circuit.

Electricians add transformers, circuit breakers and other equipment in order to control the electricity flow. They ensure the proper amount of electricity flows to where it is needed. Electricians follow strict regulations when wiring buildings.

Electricians usually focus on adding electricity to construction sites or maintenance of electricity and many may do both. Electricians with their expertise in construction mainly install wiring into retail, factories, new homes and businesses, and. Electricians focusing on maintenance repair and upgrade electrical systems and restore electrical equipment. Every electrician must follow the State as well as local codes as well as the National Electrical Code when they perform their work.

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