Oils For Dry Skin Types

The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin. It forms the protective wrap over the body’s surface.

10 Benefits of Using Jojoba Oil For Your Face and Skin | Kama Ayurveda

Sebaceous glands are glands found in the skin of mammals. They secrete an oily substance called sebum th

at is made of fat (lipid). The role of sebum is to protect and waterproof hair and skin, and keep them from becoming dry, brittle, and cracked. While some may curse sebum when it overproduces (typically during adolescence…but sometimes beyond…), over time less and less is produced by skin. At this point, many effects of aging become noticeable. Because the skin is more vulnerable at this time, it is subject to the effects of climate, stress, cellular breakdown, slower cell regeneration, and general aging deep conditioner.

If you are beginning to notice the effects of drying skin, looking for products that contain the following oils will be highly beneficial for you:

Avocado Oil: this oil is rich in the following nutrients – Vitamins A&D, lecithin and potassium, as well as chlorophyll. Lecithin is a naturally sourced antioxidant, found in foods such as soy beans. Antioxidants work on our skin, just as they do on our internal organs – they combat free radicals which contribute to the aging process. Along with vitamins A&D, chlorophyll is considered to help neutralize free radicals that do damage to healthy cells. Chlorophyll is also helpful in repairing damaged tissues, and boosting oxygen delivery to red blood cells. The healing properties of these ingredients make avocado oil highly soothing to rashes and eczema, a fantastic oil for sensitive, irritated skin, as well as maturing skin types.

Evening Primrose Oil: much like Avocado oil, this oil is a great remedy for dry, maturing, sensitive skin types. It contains high levels of linoleic acid (an Omega-6 fatty acid), which converts to gamma linolenic acid (GLA) in the body. Fatty acids help to maintain and repair cell membranes in the body. In the case of skin, the overall appearance of skin is improved. GLA specifically helps to stimulate skin cell regeneration. Borage oil is another excellent source of GLA.

Jojoba Oil: a favourite for all skin care types – from the oiliest to the driest and most sensitive. This oil has an unusual ability to mimic the skin’s production of sebum, and therefore serves to help regulate that production. So, if skin is oily, it slows the sebum production; if skin is dry, jojoba boosts sebum production.

Macadamia Oil: contains a high level of palmitoleic acid, another essential fatty acid (Omega-7) and antioxidant. This particular acid is found naturally in the skin’s sebum. As skin matures with age, and produces less sebum, macadamia oil becomes more valuable as an emollient sebum supplement.

Rosehip Oil: because rosehip oil contains very high levels of linoleic fatty acids (similar to evening Primrose Oil), it is believed to perform an important function in terms of skin repair and cell regeneration. Rosehip Oil also contains retinoic acid (Retin A) which also benefits the appearance of skin over time.

These oils can also be used as ‘carrier’ oils, in which you can add a variety of essential oils that can boost skin’s vitality. Feel free to refer to previous blogs about essential oils to discover which ones may work best for you.

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