How to Read a Woman’s Body Language – Positive and Negative Signs

It’s vital you know how read a woman’s body language as not all gestures point to the girl’s desire to be seduced. Every master seducer knows that, despite our best efforts, there are just some games you won’t be able to win. It is better to avoid these targets as early as possible so as not to waste your time – time which you can invest on a more willing target.

So, how do you read a girls body language when she doesn’t want to be seduced? Here are the things you should look out for:

The Negative Signs

  • A blank stare. Her mind’s elsewhere, dude! She’s not interested in you!
  • Looking around the place for a cumulative period of more than 20 seconds. She’s either looking for someone more interesting, or she’s wary of being seen with you.
  • There are visible pauses before she answers the simplest of questions. She’s trying to look for the most polite way to turn you down.
  • An overall jerky disposition. She’ll flay her hands instantaneously when demonstrating a point. She’d strongly nod her head when agreeing to something you mentioned. She’d make sudden motions when emphasizing some matters. Your presence is agitating her – in a bad way.
  • Frowns during unguarded moments. Frowns can be cute and can be used by someone who’s playing hard-to-get, but when a girl frowns when she thinks no one’s looking, well, that’s something that just comes naturally.

Of course, there are gestures that instantly spell “She Is Attracted To You,” and you must learn how to read these gestures so that you can give her what she wants. Failure to read these gestures, or worse, failure to act on these gestures can potentially sink your seduction campaign.

The Positive Signs

Below are the signs you should look for when learning how to  Language of desire read a girls body language if she’s ready to be seduced:

  • An increase in the usually positive signs of attraction. Is she smiling more? Is she establishing eye contact for prolonged periods? Does she show genuine enthusiasm for the things you share? Even an AFC – an Average Frustrated Chump – will be able to see these signs!
  • Biting her lips. Distinguish this from her lips clenching each other. Biting is a subconscious gesture – and even a conscious gesture, if she’s a pro – that shows fascination and desire. Clenching of the lips is an attempt to restrain a frown.
  • Gestures that direct your eyes to the sensual parts of her body. Is she tilting her head to one side while listening to you, exposing her smooth neck in the process? Does her head slightly tilt down, with her chin pointing to her cleavage? Is she playing with her hair, driving attention to her ear?
  • Is she playing with the pendant of her necklace, hoping to hook your eyes into her breasts?
  • Is she stoking her lips, seemingly inviting you for along, passionate kiss? DO NOT fail to see these signs! They are the green light, the go signal for you to drop the routine and to go in for the kill!
  • Female-initiated body contact. If she’s not interested, she won’t touch you. If she’s not interested, she would consciously avoid any accidental touches as well. If her leg brushes against yours, if her hand caresses your arm, if she pinches your cheek or your nose under the pretense of adoration, then you would be foolish not to construe these gestures as signs of attraction.
  • Verbal interjections that sound like moans.

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