Burn Belly Fat – How I Lost 21 Pounds of My Belly Fat Without Gimmicks and Stupid Diets

Working out with your body is really different from working out with your belly. Absolutely, they are not similar. Burning belly fat would be tough because most of the nutrients from our body are absorbed by our stomach. There are so many fat loss programs the promise to help in burning fat in the stomach or reduce it at least. But most of them are not designed for the stomach. Of course, how could you expect to cut down fat in your stomach when you haven’t seen any article or picture about the said topic? But what’s more frustrating is to work out long hours in the gym but haven’t witnessed any improvement.

Today, I will share to you how I cut down 21 pounds of my belly through the proper weight lost program and exercises. When you are working out for your belly, you should bear in mind that Biotox gold there are no miracle pills or diets that could crash those fats overnight. Just like you, I’ve read so many programs out there. In my reading, I’ve observed that most of the successful weight loss programs on the internet today used the same approach. This approach only involves two things – exercise and proper diet.

Way back in 2003, my weight was 260 pounds and I was frustrated about it. I tried everything. As in everything – fad diets, gym exercises, pills and weight loss supplements. But of course you know what the result is. I failed in all of them. To tell you the truth, 97 percent of weight loss advices are not true. I hate gimmicks and fancy equipments and I know you also hate them too. Some diet guides will tell you to do this and do that. But after doing so, they will just say keep doing until you achieve the looks you want to achieve. Duh? Do they want us to spend our lives in the gym?

Everything was changed when I found this Fatloss4Idiots. After reading the book, I understand that losing weight does not require long hours in the gym. I was amazed with the book and all its contents. The author mainly discusses how to increase your RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate. This the energy required by your body in order to perform vital functions if you may not know 50-70 percent of that energy is consumed to metabolic rate. The book also teaches the facts and the hypes of weight loss process. But one thing that makes Fatloss4Idiots so great was the daily meal plan. This is where you can find thousands of recipes that are truly intended to burn belly fat.

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