Treat Your Skin According To Its Type

It is a well known fact that the skin is the largest organ covering whole of the human body. It is a protective layer that shields us from the external environment, but it requires protection too. Various people have different kinds of skin- oily, dry, or normal; and there are distinct measures which should be taken to care of each type of skin.

Dryness is caused when the skin loses the layer of lipid which is responsible for locking the moisture inside the skin. But once the layer is lost, whatever moisture the skin contains gets evaporated leaving the skin dry. Signs of dry skin are cracked skin, accumulation of white flaky substance, redness, rashes or irritation on the skin. Presence of these signs vary as per the severity of dryness. People tend to lather on moisturizers during winters to prevent dryness but moisturizers are made with ingredients which might not suit the skin. It does not mean that all moisturizers are hazardous, but many contain harsh chemicals, preservatives and synthetic aromas which rather than helping, worsen the condition of an already dry skin. It is quite a task to find a lotion that is perfect when it comes to such measures. But there is an alternative that has been used since ages to keep the moisture intact and the skin healthy- oil! There are many oil for dry skin like coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil to name a few. One should oil dry skin as it forms a layer on the skin to prevent moisture loss. Many people believe that oil for dry skin tends to clog the pores, but this is a misconception. Natural oil dry skin easily gets absorbed in the body  Derma Prime Plus and it does not leave the skin much greasy. The oil for dry skin is like moisturizers, some of the brands add fragrances to oils as well. Such oil for dry skin should be avoided and one should choose the oil dry skin which is free of added fragrances. Almond oil and avocado oil are also good oil for dry skin and they work well to moisturize the skin.

Now, on the other hand there is a problem of oily skin. Excess oil produced by the body due to various reasons is most commonly seen on the face like at the area surrounding the nose or the chin. It is marked by a glistening skin and worse, it leads to acne problems. So apart from that pathetic shiny patch of skin, there are blackheads, pimples and spots to be fought against as well. Use of soaps can worsen the situation. What an oily skin needs is an oil facial cleanser which ought to be applied twice a day to keep the problem at bay. Acids tend to reduce the amount of excess oil in the skin and a good oil facial cleanser contains acids like salicylic acid. One should try different oil facial cleanser before deciding on a particular one that suits them the best. Also, never rub your skin in an effort to get rid of the oil as it would lead to production of a lot more oil in the body to compensate the loss. Rather, just gently massage your face with an oil facial cleanser and wash it away with lukewarm water.

As contrary to the popular notion, oily skin too needs moisturizing because in paucity of a moisturizer the body will compensate by producing more oil. But people with oily skin should stay away from heavy creams; oil free face cream is available for oily skin types. Oil free face cream containing vitamin A and sulfur is known to work best for very oily skin. Natural ingredients like lavender, aloe, licorice extracts and lemon grass are components of a good oil free face cream. One should use different creams in different seasons. Winters may still allow a slightly heavy oil free face cream but during summers one should use the lightest possible oil free face cream which merely moisturizes the skin.

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