Backblaze Online Backup and Storage Review

New to the online backup market, Backblaze has made a grand entrance! Backblaze offers an easy to use program with plenty of advanced features at a great price ($5/mo or $50/yr); all the things most users are looking for.

A great backup solution that is seriously geared towards making it dead simple for you to backup and store the entire contents (except OS and program files) of your hard drive online. Backblaze provides a free 15-day trial that includes unlimited storage 聊天室.. After the trial period end, you can keep backing up your data with Backblaze for a mere $5 per month. This includes unlimited amounts of storage, unlimited monthly bandwidth usage, and a maximum single file size limit of 4 GB. Features include desktop clients for both PC (Windows XP and Vista) and Mac computers, automatic backups, and multiple computers per account.

The most unique thing about Backblaze is that they back up ALL of your files 網上交友平台. Instead of having you select the files you want to backup, which can be confusing for many users, Backblaze automatically backs up the files they know you care about, including music, data, pictures, movies, etc. Then, to save your time and their storage space they automatically exclude things like your operating system, program files and temporary internet files, because this is stuff you definitely won’t need in the future. You can manually exclude files you don’t want backed up too.Backblaze Online Backup

That way you don’t have to get specific with Backblaze about everything you want to back up or exclude (though you can if you want)-it just backs up everything and excludes the data that’s not useful in backup form 識男仔. The service does continuous backup, so files are always (hopefully) up to date, but you can switch to scheduled backups if you prefer. Like other popular backup tools, Backblaze does unlimited backup for a price: $5/month (similar to MozyHome) or $50/year (like Carbonite). A free trial of Backblaze is available if you’d like to try it out before committing. The app is available in Windows form to anyone; you’ll need to sign up for an invite if you want to try it on your Mac.

Another really helpful feature with Backblaze is that it will update files as you update them, not all data backup online providers offer this continuous backup feature, and it’s really beneficial, especially because it’s automatic. You can change it if you want but most users will find this default setting offered by Backblaze really helpful.

As your data is sent from your computer to Backblaze it is double encrypted. Once your data is stored (in an encrypted format) with Backblaze, it will be safe in their very secure location. There are no worries about outages as Backblaze’s facility has Diesel and Induction Power Redundancy, and the facility is protected from earthquakes and floods too with Seismic Pedestals and a 24 foot raised floor. All of this plus their 24/7/365 onsite staff protects your data much more than any external hard drive you store at home ever could.

Customer support for Backblaze is provided by way of FAQs, user guides, tutorials, support tickets, and email.
Windows/Mac OS X: Backup service Backblaze aims to take the hassle out of internet backup by backing up only the data you need and ignoring unnecessary files like operating system files, applications, and temporary files.

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