3 Flat Tummy Exercises For Losing Belly Fat Fast

Losing belly fat fast is extremely difficult but not impossible – by utilizing these 3 flat tummy exercises you will not only reduce stomach flab but also lose love handles in the process!

Most people really struggle with getting rid of the weight around their belly but that is because they don’t utilize the correct weight loss methods to tackle this area. Unfortunately it is impossible to burn fat in one particular area – in order to lose weight you will have to lower your body fat percentage.

That means that endless sit ups and ab crunches are out and a certain type of cardio is king. Forget about racking out hundreds of sit ups before bed and start training to maximize fat loss and reduce stomach flab. The following superb exercises will help you do just that – and quicker than you thought possible!

1.) High Intensity Interval Training

This type of training is a form of cardio workout that has been shown to help burn more fat than traditional long and slow cardio routines. The basic premise is to work in highly intense bursts of effort for short periods and follow each of these with a short period of recovery.

You can utilize a variety of different forms of exercise for this type of training including running, cycling and swimming – just remember to warm up and cool down with the same form as your complete your intervals with. When you train like this you increase your metabolic rate – a bodily response that is essential if you want to get a flat stomach. What’s more these high intensity flat tummy exercises will help boost your metabolism throughout the day so you are losing belly fat even after you finish working out!

2.) Medicine Ball Chop

This exercise works the whole body as you rotate through the full range of motion. First, stand holding a medicine ball or weight with your arms straight, and over your right shoulder. Pivot to the right so that your torso is facing in that direction and your right heel rises off the floor. Bend your knees quickly as you rotate your torso to the left drawing your arms across your body and downwards. Once the ball or weight is outside of your left leg reverse the motion and return to the start position. Complete 12 reps and then alternate sides. Focus on keeping your abdominal muscles tight throughout the exercise to really get a flat stomach.

3.) The Reverse Crunch

Not all abs exercises are out – you need to train your abdominals in preparation for when you have got the extreme weight loss you want – otherwise you will be left Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews with a marathon runner’s six pack – not a good look. This exercise provides a lot of resistance; which is what you need to build abs you can be proud of.

To perform it, lie on your back on the floor, place your hands by your side for balance and lift your knees so that your legs are perpendicular to the floor. Then lift your hips slightly so that your legs move towards the ceiling. Pause briefly in this position whilst contracting your abs then slowly lower your hips back to the start position. Your lower back and shoulders should remain touching the floor throughout the movement. Repeat 15 times for 3 sets with a high intensity and you will notice that this is a great flat stomach exercise.

You are now ahead of the game when it comes to losing belly fat fast. The 3 flat tummy exercises I have shown you here will help you lose more weight than 80% of dieters out there but to be in that top 20% you will need to go that extra mile. Visit Fat Burning Tips [http://www.secretstofatloss.com] by clicking through the link and you will gain the knowledge that most weight loss experts want you to pay an arm and a leg for. The 7 secrets you learn there are provided by me absolutely free to help you get ahead of the game and get a flat stomach!

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