Crawfish, Gumbo and an Indelible Brand – 5 Profit-Producing Strategies for Restaurants

This story is a tough one to write, but one that can be a great lesson for those in the restaurant industry. It’s about a Houston restaurant that for 27 years served the best, authentic South Louisiana food, created memories for notable guests such as Anna Nicole Smith and her then billionaire husband, Olympian Carl Lewis, many of the Houston Rockets, Astros and Texans, national politicians, film entertainers, and me telescopic bollards screwfix.

July of last year, The Magnolia Bar & Grill closed its doors.

Sure lots of wonderful eating establishments come and go, but this one was special. The Magnolia Bar & Grill was where my marketing career began. I was a bit younger, 22 years old to be exact, and learning the ropes of the marketing world. I had the fortune of being a hungry marketing professional while they were in need of help with marketing their restaurant. The restaurant was brand new and I was happy to barter my marketing skills in exchange for delicious food. And so the beginning of a great opportunity and relationship was born.

The restaurant did not close because of a weak brand, nor was it a business failure. The restaurant was a tremendous financial success and the brand will live on for years to come. Jody, Jimmy and their devoted team earned their place in the minds of the market by consistently delivering a fun experience, mouth-watering food and solid service; this brand, I know, will not be forgotten by both the customers or the media. They earned endless accolades in the national, regional and local press including: “Best Restaurants in America” in GQ Magazine. They were featured in The New York Times, USA Today and numerous In-flight magazines, and were regularly awarded for best brunch, best seafood and best outdoor dinning in local publications.

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