Decorative and Removable Bollards for Safety, Security and Style

Owners of establishments of no matter what type have to ensure that traffic inside and outside their building is properly controlled. Certain areas inside or outside the establishment that need to be protected and removable bollards can offer the best solution. Decorative bollards that are removable are a stylish way of controlling traffic and of protecting certain areas inside and outside any type of establishment such as school, hospital, shopping centre, restaurant, hotel, office building, and others telescopic bollards fitted.

Bollards for Outside Use

For outside areas, these small posts are mainly used to protect the establishment from vehicle traffic and at the same time to make the establishment appear more attractive. Business owners or establishment owners are primarily concerned about the danger vehicles can set to the building or to the people around it. Parks, restaurants, hotels, schools and other establishments are open to the possibility of being accidentally or deliberately rammed by vehicles so bollards such as stainless bollard or other types of bollard can be very useful in preventing such instances from causing any damage to the building or any injury to someone. The bollards will provide asset or property or building protection, access or traffic control and pathway delimitation.

Bollards for Inside Use

Inside building and establishments, bollards provide style and functionality that can be very beneficial. The posts can be used to direct or control the traffic of people coming in and going out of the building as well as those who are roaming inside the building. The bollards can also be used as pathway guide to the rest rooms, cashier, information desk, elevator areas and so on.

For inside use, decorative bollards can be appealing and can make the interior of the building more stylish. Decorative bollards that are removable are the best options for inside buildings and establishments so you can move them around and place them where necessary.


Bollards can be made of different materials such as cast iron, steel, polyethylene, etc. are available and bollards with lightweight materials are the ones preferred if removable. Bollards with materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and threats from insect or rodent bites are the best option. Bollards with innovative designs can provide safety and security as well as enhance the visual appeal of any building or establishment.

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