4 Easy Twitter Setup Guidelines For Massage Therapists

  1. Your Twitter account page theme is an important choice to make. Think carefully about what you want it to say about your business and what feelings you want it to inspire. For example, as a massage business, you might want to create a sense of peace, relaxation, and serenity. To do this you could use images and colors like clouds, light greens and blues, or nature scenes. Conversely, if you are a Rolfer, you may want to convey a more clinical atmoshpere by using diagrams of anatomy.
  2. Include a link to your Website
    This should go without saying: put a link everywhere you possibly can. There are several reasons. First, that link is the access point your followers have to getting to your website and making an appointment. Most people don’t attempt to remember your web address; there are simply too many websites to remember them all. They do, however, remember where they found you. So, the link in twitter is like an archived point of reference. Second, the link in your profile is one of the only real links you will have on Twitter, and including a link is good for your search engine visibility 수원스웨디시.*
  3. Link Twitter to Facebook
    Linking your Twitter account to Facebook is an easy way to create a force multiplier, or a double-down effect. Connecting accounts allows you to make a content contribution, say in LinkedIn, and multiply its effects by having it post in Twitter, which posts to your Facebook page. Automation is the key to getting your message out there without spending more time marketing online than you have to. If you aren’t convinced you need a Facebook account, stay tuned for my next article
  4. Your Bio is one of the most important pieces of writing you will do on Twitter. This is because it is both the most easily searchable part of your profile, and the only thing most people will read when deciding if they should follow you back. Most Twitter Bios are not full sentences, but rather a series of descriptors. Begin by brainstorming labels that sum up parts of your life, habits, education, etc. Remember that Twitter is a social platform, and therefore you need to make your bio and presence about more than just your work. I highly suggest adding some personal information as seasoning to your business information. A good example comes from Alyssa Haines’s Twitter profile:

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