Women’s Hockey Teams

Women’s hockey has made a location for itself in the last twenty years. It is now an accepted and well-played sport in a number of countries, from the US and Canada to Europe and because of Australia. The first women’s international hockey tournament was in the year 1916 in Ohio, between teams from Canada and the United States. This continued through the years until the middle 1970s when Europe and Korea, Japan, and China started taking part in international hockey tournaments. A number of women’s teams at various levels tour various countries, with teams of teenage girls playing a number of exhibition games in Switzerland, Australia, and other locations. National teams at the professional level also gain practiced and advertisement by doing hockey exchanges, often prepared by United States Hockey. The US Women’s Select Team has done tours to Finland, Sweden, China, etc. China Ice Hockey

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Women’s hockey is earmarked by fast skating, remarkable stickhandling, swift passing, good puck protection, accurate shooting, and quick goaltending. It is exciting hockey, and without a problem demonstrates the pure principles of hockey. In the 1990s there was some dispute whether bodychecking should be allowed in the international championships for women’s hockey. It had been disallowed in both the US and Canada in order for the size difference to lessen of a point, so that smaller or younger players wouldn’t be overpowered physically, and be in a position to use their skills. Europe allows it, and bodychecking would also let the European teams relax the faster skating US and Canadian players.

Since the early 1970s, the American Girls Hockey Association has lobbied to have women’s ice hockey included as an Olympic occurrence. There were many discussions on the issue, due to several real problems. The first was the gap between European and American rules, such as the bodychecking rule above. Another was the worry that the different countries did not have plenty participants in women’s ice hockey, that a similar few teams wouldn’t have adequate depth to give really exciting games. Finally, women’s ice hockey was accepted as an Olympic event for the 1998 Olympics.

How does a girl become a good plenty ice hockey player to try out for a national team? The first step for a number of young ladies is to play minor hockey on a boy’s team. In a good many novice or peewee leagues, girls are more coordinated than boys of the same age and do quite well on the teams. Another possibility is to have one or two all girls teams and have them play exhibition games until they gain plenty experienced to join the boy’s hockey league in the area. Girls that live in large cities, especially large northern cities, may have a more successful girl’s hockey association ready to recruit and train anyone interested in playing.

Two of the “old stars” of women’s hockey never played on real teams since they were growing up. Shirley Cameron of Canada matured on a farm, and just skated and played hockey with her brothers on frozen marshes around her farm. Judy Diduck skated but didn’t start actual ice hockey until she was 19 years of age. She became a four time gold medallist with Team Canada.

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