English To Marathi: The Comparisons

The Romance language has been known as the most romantic and popular among people. In fact, a lot of people want to learn English to be able to communicate easily with the people whom they love. Marathi and English are basically two different languages but there are slight similarities in the sounds of the words.

Marathi is also a part of the Hindi language family. It is spoken by approximately 4.5 million people in Maharashtra and southwest India chrome translate extension. This is a very close relation with Hindi and is also closely related to the Punjabi language. Marathi is spoken most commonly in Mumbai and the surrounding areas in and around this city.

Marathi is an alphabet-based language and its sounds are similar to the sounds of the letters of the English language. There are several sounds that are unique to this language and these include the a d, g, and the silent b. These sounds are found in the word “bath”, the word “book” and in the word “bray”. These sounds are found in some letters of the Hindi alphabet, while other letters retain their normal sound. The sounds of the letter kh are found in the word “help”, while kh is also found in the word “hindi”.

Marathi also has a number of phonetic spellings and these include the common alphabetical letters such as the a e, g, and th. These letters are also found in the English language and they can be confusing for people who are not used to these types of sounds. For instance, the word ‘agna’ means the kitchen and ‘agna’ is also found in the word ‘bandagna’. Marathi also has a few vowels, which are found in words like the a e, g and th. These vowels are pronounced exactly as they appear in English.

Although English is written in Latin letter, Marathi also has its own writing system. This writing system is commonly called “Naskh” and it is very different from the standard Latin alphabets. Marathi also has its own alphabet called “Nasya” that is quite different from the alphabets in English. The Naskh alphabet has only 25 letters, while English has dozens of letters with which to write.

Even though both languages share the same spoken language, the ways in which they are spoken and read differs greatly. Marathi is spoken aloud, while English is usually written down. In fact, Marathi is spoken aloud much more than English is, so it is easier for a person to learn this language than it is to learn English.

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