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Proviron is a synthetic androgenic androgene drug that is used primarily in the treatment of andropause (andropause is a term for the natural cessation of testosterone production in men). It is also used to treat proviron various male fertility problems, although this usage is very controversial. Usually it is taken orally. It does not contain estrogens like many other androgenic hormones do, but it does have some androsteinedione, which may help stimulate the prostate’s functioning and improve the quality of semen produced by men.

Meditech Proviron

It was initially developed as a testosterone precursor and has been approved for marketing in the US and Europe by the FDA in 1992. The primary purpose was to promote bone and muscle mass and reduce body fat. Proviron is a single shot oral prescription supplement, which means that it should be taken one time only. Its long term use has not yet been studied. One thing that should be noted is that proviron appears to reduce body fat more than it increases muscle mass (ostenze has a similar effect), but this seems to be due to the fact that proviron is a longer acting and therefore has greater bioavailability than methanden and sootren.

Your doctor should be consulted before you start taking proviron. He or she will advise you about its safety, its contraindications and any known side effects or risks associated with the medicine. Also your doctor will tell you how much of proviron to take, how often to take it and the dosage forms that are suitable for you. In case of serious liver diseases or chronic kidney disease, your doctor might also advise you to stop taking proviron altogether.

If you are pregnant, nursing or trying to get pregnant, do not take proviron or any form of natural testosterone medicine. The concentrations of testosterone in these medicines are extremely high and can cause severe damage to the foetus. You may need to use an alternative form of testosterone in this case. Always inform your doctor if you are taking any other form of medication or are on any prescription drug. Your pharmacist will help you to find alternative treatments as well. Your pharmacist may even be able to tell you about supplements that are available without a prescription and are safe for you to use.

Before you start taking proviron, you should first inform your doctor of all the medicines you are currently taking and any history of such medicines in your family. Your doctor will advise you whether proviron is suitable for you or not. You can even talk to your pharmacist before you commence with any type of treatment. Your pharmacist will tell you about the most suitable dosage of proviron for your body type and the type of hair loss you are experiencing. Some people may require low dosages while others may require higher dosages of proviron to prevent hair loss.

Do not stop taking proviron without the advice of your doctor. Even after your doctor gives you the go ahead, do not stop taking it immediately. Wait for a few days to see if your condition has improved. It may take a few months for a hair loss treatment to work on you completely. So, it may be necessary for you to continue with your doctor’s treatment even after you have noticed an improvement. Your doctor may even suggest other treatment options to help you with your condition and help you to regrow more hair.

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