A Great US History SAT Subject Test Score For Barnard

A handful of schools require extra work to get accepted at. Barnard is one of the few major US schools that expect 2 SAT subject tests or the ACT + Writing for admission. Like Yale and UPenn, Barnard wants to see your total testing history. Want to discover what you would have whose who’s to score on the US History SAT Subject Test so that you get in Barnard? The Barnard common data set can enlighten us.

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Every year major schools publish their common data set. This is a collection of enrollee information that publications like the US News and World Report use to position US schools. It also contains info on typical testing results, GPA and class rank. Colleges rarely publish their enrollee’s subject test scores. Barnard doesn’t provide this information. We have to investigate their normal SAT data to generate any estimates. Remember, the numbers provided here are just estimates. A lower score doesn’t doom you to failure. These are targets to use if you’re studying now. These numbers can also be used if you’re feeling totally demented waiting to hear back from the school to gauge where you might stand in the applicant pool.

In evaluating what a favourable result for Barnard is we have to take into consideration the fact that they don’t participate in Score Choice. They will see your total exam history. Getting a good score the first time or rising dramatically between tests 1 and 2 is more valuable than what absolute result would be ideal.

How about we dig into their most recent stats to begin figuring out how they consider applicants.The lowest quarter scores are 630 in reading, 650 in writing, and 620 in math. The highest quarter scores are 730 in critical reading, 710 in math and 750 in writing. An overall average score at Barnard is 681. In 2011 that would put you in the top 8% of test takers globally.

These freshman enrollee’s scores can be looked at in more depth. 39%, 32% and 53% are scoring at or above a 700 in reading, math and writing. Around half of students are scoring in the six hundred range for critical reading and math. What you need to be awesome at is writing for this school. Only about a 1/3rd of students are scoring in the middle for writing. In all subjects, about one tenth of students are scoring just slightly above average for all SAT testees.

A remarkable amount of students are accepted who have scores below the international average. A sizable number of students are admitted with scores in the five hundreds range. For reference, Harvard accepts fewer than 2% of students with scores that low. The average GPA of an incoming freshman is also a 3.78. Barnard claims that they take “Extracurricular Activities” and “Character/Personal Qualities” to be very important. I’m willing to believe them. If you have a reason for a lower score then I’d wager that Barnard will still believe in you if you’ve got the essay and recommendations to confirm it. So, what’s an acceptable score at Barnard?

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