Who Is Caribou?

“Who is Caribou?” is one of the most popular questions of North American Indian history. Born in the late 1700s near what is now Thunder Bay, in what was then the fur trade port of Thunder Bay, this First teenager would become one of the most important leaders among his people. Daniel Victor Snaith, better

Have You Got High Blood Pressure? Natural Alternatives You Have to Know

Do you have friends or relatives with high blood pressure or taking blood pressure medication? Statistics show that approximately 32% of men and 27% of women have high blood pressure or on medication. This is an exceptionally high number of people affected by something that is predominantly a lifestyle condition. If you are healthy your

What Do Tinnitus Sufferers Have in Common?

Do Tinnitus sufferers share any commonalities? The short answer is yes! They do, however; this is where tinnitus gets interesting. Studies show that tinnitus sufferers are more prone to: Depression Sleeping disorders Anxiety Concentration difficulties Stress Hypersensitivity But what is not clear is whether these conditions come about due to tinnitus or whether tinnitus comes

Health and Vitality for People With Diabetes – Vitamin Supplements

Our bodies need the proper fuel in order to function at optimal levels. For the diabetic, this is more important since there is an imbalance present that threatens health and vitality. For any individual, a healthy well-rounded diet is the foundation When diabetes is present, this becomes even more important, as does the need to